GHIBL Week 1 Recap

Finally! Spring is here and we are back on the field playing baseball! Time to put down tap baseball and get your Wonderboy bat prepared for GHIBL’s 2017 season. We are through one week and there are already teams setting their sights on the Eric M. Hoss Cup. With a long season ahead teams and players alike need not panic or even be over-confident, but remember in the game of baseball any team can beat any team on any given day. Although the weather was overcast, it was a great day to begin our 2017 season with a lot of great players, returning and new alike.

This week we had a lot of great match-ups, the 2016 defending champs had an opening day hiccup, but played an excellent game against the Hornets. The Expos beat the Wombats, the Devils beat the Rockies and the Chiefs beat Hoss Dental.

See everyone next week, as we enter GHIBL 2017 Week 2.

“Forget about the curve ball Ricky, give him the heater!”

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